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Dear Customers,

Due to the current outbreak of COVID-19 and to ensure the health and well-being of our staff and patrons please take a moment to read and follow these drop off and pick up guidelines:


During Drop offs:

  • Only 1 client in the reception area is permitted during drop off. Please kindly wait outside until reception area is clear for you to enter
  • Please remove all collars, harnesses and leads and take them home with you, we will use our own slip leads
  • We aim to keep our consultation with you to a minimum, if there was something we missed we will contact you over the phone

During Pick Ups:

  • Only 1 client in the reception area is permitted during pick up. Please kindly wait outside until reception area is clear for you to enter
  • Please remember to bring your pet’s collar, harness and lead and ensure it is securely attached before leaving
  • We would appreciate if you could pick up your pet as soon as possible upon receiving our text message


  • All forms of payment are still accepted, note that contactless payment is advised (1.9% surcharge applies)

About Us

Bark & Co. is a boutique dog grooming studio located in Black Rock Village. We provide a fun and relaxing experience for both people and pets.

Specialising in dog grooming we cater for all breeds, shapes, and sizes. We groom to a high standard, so you can rest assured knowing we will do our very best to achieve the best outcome for your pet and to have them stand a cut above them all.

Aside from our dog grooming service we also provide pet owners with high quality pet products that are safe, and durable for your pet. Sourced from locally made Australian companies or imported from all over the world.

We strive to provide pet owners with the ever changing pet lifestyle trends and bringing them into our store making Bark & Co. the ultimate one stop shop for pet owners in Melbourne.

Our Services

For most pups, grooming every 4-6 weeks is imperative to avoid painful matting, spot checks for fleas, prevention of ear infections, and identification of any abnormal growths. At Bark & Co. we provide packages that range from a simple Wash and Blow Dry to a Full Body Stylised Groom.

Wash & Dry

Wash & Dry

Thorough wash with gentle massage of your pet’s whole body using our professional care shampoo, followed by a blow dry and brush out of any knots. Also included is a nail trim and sanitary clean of the bottom if we feel necessary.

Wash & Tidy

Wash & Tidy

Same as the Wash & Dry service but with the added service of a tidy around the face focusing on scissoring away unnecessary hairs around the eyes, mouth, ears, a sanitary clean of the bottom and groin area, paw pad trim, nail trim, and a tidy of the feet.

Full Body Groom

Full Body Groom

A tailor made groom for you and your pet. Upon arrival we will assess your pet’s coat and condition and discuss what you would like to achieve and what is possible. Not sure what you want? You can always bring in a picture and we can work from there. What’s included in this package is the full wash and blow dry, brush out, full body clip to a length that is achievable, sanitary clean, paw pad trim, and a nail trim.

Price Guide


Please note the above table is only a guide. Please visit our store with your dog and we’ll aim to give you an approximate quote after assessing your dog’s size & coat condition. We will inform you if there will be any additional charges on top of the quoted grooming price.


Additional services:


Teeth Clean $10 

We thoroughly exam your dog’s teeth and brush away any fresh build up, followed by a minty breath refresher.

Medicated Shampoo $10 

For dogs that suffer from dermatitis our Malaseb Medicated shampoo may help.  


De-shedding from $10 

For the dogs that have a heavy shedding coat or are just transitioning between seasons. Extra de-shedding may to charged to brush out all that extra hair and minimize the shedding at home.

Flea Wash $10*

*please note if we find fleas on your dog during their time here a flea wash will be charged and you will be notified straight away.

Nail file $10

Just like human nails, a dog’s nail can still be very sharp right after cutting, so a quick buff of the nails will smooth it our just right.


Nail Trim $15

No appointment necessary if your furry friend just requires a nail trim, pop in anytime during business hours and it’ll get done on the spot. It only takes a few minutes!

Oatmeal Shampoo $10

For dogs that have extra sensitive skin, oatmeal shampoo may help ease dry and itchy skin. 

De-matting from $10

When your dog’s hair is very matted but can be salvageable a de-matting fee may be charged for the extra time and care taken.

Contact Us

Shop 1, 2-4 Ebden Avenue, Black Rock VIC 3193
03 9589 1989
Trading Hours
Monday: Closed
Tues - Sat: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Sunday: By Appointments Only

Contact Us

Shop 1, 2-4 Ebden Avenue, Black Rock VIC 3193
03 9589 1989